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Familia Weiss: o melhor restaurante de San Carlos de Bariloche

A Família Weiss é um dos restaurantes mais tradicionais de Bariloche, perto do Lago Nahuel Huapi. O lugar é grande, envidraçado, bom para ir quando se está com grupo grande. (Seu fondue de carne é diferente, onde a carne é cozida em um consomée, não em óleo...) A Truta é o carro-chefe do restaurante. Há também cervo, javali, etc.

FONO: +54-02944-435789

The Weiss family is well known all over the region for their outstanding smoked meats and cheeses, which they've been selling from their shop at Mitre 360 for decades. Their restaurant near the waterfront is so architecturally unique you really should at least stop in for one of the locally brewed beers and to view the handsome interiors. The decor includes cypress trunks that form pillars rising from a mosaic floor also made of cypress. Each wall is a patchwork of wood, brick, and ceramic, except the front area, which has large picture windows looking out onto the lake. Details such as papier-mâché lamps and folk art lend the place character.

As for the food, a lot is on offer here, all of it very good. Start off with an appetizer of the smoked meats, seafood, and cheese for which the Familia Weiss is known. There's cheese and beef fondue with five dipping sauces; large, leafy salads; stewed venison with spaetzle; grilled meats with fresh vegetables; homemade pastas; local trout served with ratatouille; and much, much more. A good wine list and a kids' menu make the Familia Weiss hard to beat.

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